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The days of double data entry are over! Point of Sale Professional for Sage 100, offered by ACI Consulting, allows you to complete retail transactions while linking the data to your Sage 100 accounting, distribution, and manufacturing systems.

Designed to handle the unique needs of the retail industry, Point of Sale Professional allows you to oversee one or several stores, increase customer service relations, and access essential financial information at any moment. Point of Sale Professional is the solution for any wholesale or retail business needing an effective way to operate.

Complete with an easy-to-learn user interface, Point of Sale Professional links the data from standard retail transactions to your accounting software and distribution or manufacturing systems. Transactions such as sales, returns, layaways, orders, quotes, and customer payments are all included. ACI Consulting is here to help you experience true innovation in the daily life of your business with this time-saving, revenue-enhancing software.

Point of Sale Professional offers:

  • Compatibility with Sage Payment Processing

Point of Sale Professional now offers support for credit and debit card processing via Sage Exchange, including debit transactions using PIN pads. Point of Sale Professional automatically connects sale orders, accounts payable, and accounts receivable with credit card authorizations and settlements. Unfortunately, due to PC compliance requirements, Point of Sale Professional version 4.5 is not compatible with PC Charge.

  • PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is a data security standard created by credit card companies to guarantee that vendors take proper measures to protect their customers’ credit card information. By using Sage Exchange, Point of Sale Professional’s PCI compliance is guaranteed.

  • Hardware Support

Complement your Point of Sale Professional software with industry standard hardware for retail businesses. Point of Sale Professional supports:

Cash drawers
Receipt printers
Magnetic stripe credit card readers
PIN pads
Check readers
Bar code scanners
Pole displays
ID cards with barcodes or magnetic stripes

  • Integration with several Sage 100 Modules

Streamline your business procedures by integrating Point of Sale Professional with several Sage 100 modules.

Point of Sale Professional & Accounts Receivable: Point of Sale Professional can retrieve a customer’s address, payment terms, discount information, sales commissions, and sales tax information, amongst other important information.

Point of Sale Professional & Inventory Management: Track the sales and purchases of inventory items for cost, resale, and purchasing purposes.

Point of Sale Professional & Bank Reconciliation: Deposits and payments processed through Point of Sale Professional can be updated to the Bank Reconciliation module.

Point of Sale Professional & Sales Order: Enter quotes and orders through the Point of Sale Professional module.

Point of Sale Professional & General Ledger: All journal entries generated from Point of Sale Professional are posted directly to the General Ledger module after updating and printing the Daily Transaction Register.

  • Customization tailored to meet your needs

Configure one or several locations for a single company and apply unique options for each.

Assign a variety of options by register and by cashier.

Use advanced tracking features such as voids, sales, and cash drawer shortages sorted by cashier.

Oversee commissions, review transaction history, and evaluate register inquiries.

Set auto “pop-up” so that cashiers can update customer information during a POS transaction.

When integrated with Accounts Receivable module, accept cash receipts for open invoices at the cash register.

When integrated with the Sales Order Module, assign inventory to sales orders and invoice orders.

When integrated with the Inventory Management module, automatically update all inventory used in a sales, return, or layaway transaction.

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