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Getting paid has never been easier.

Don’t let unpaid invoices limit your business’s growth. EBizCharge plugs directly into the tools your business already uses to speed up payment collection.

We make transactions faster, safer, and less expensive.

  • Integrated Payments: Take payment immediately after an invoice or sales order is created – directly inside your ERP or Accounting system.
  • Email Pay: Avoid constant phone follow-ups and speed up payment collection by emailing payment links to your customers. Works directly inside your existing invoicing system.
  • Customer Payment Portal: Perfect for repeat customers. Sync invoices to a bill pay portal where customers can view and pay off invoices.
  • eCommerce: Easily plug the EBizCharge payment gateway into your existing eCommerce shopping cart. There’s absolutely no development needed.
  • Mobile Payments: Take payments on invoices straight from your phone. Once a payment is approved, the invoice will automatically sync back to your accounting system as paid.
  • Virtual Terminal: Want to use EBizCharge as a standalone system? Our Virtual Terminal gives you all the functionality of our toolset in a single cloud platform.

Manage your customers’ payments with ease
Easily store, manage, and retrieve customer payment information to speed up the collection process.

  • Recurring Billing -Set up recurring payment cycles for repeat customers without any code.
  • Saved Cards – Cut down time spent tracking payments by securely saving your customers’ cards on file.
  • Request Payment Methods – Easily and securely collect a customer’s preferred payment information by email.
  • Batch Processing – Process and collect on multiple invoices with a single click.
  • Email Pay Templates – Easily save email templates for payment collection to quickly send off invoices.
  • PCI Compliance – Upgrade from noncompliant PDF payment forms to an online and PCI-compliant solution.
  • Pre-Authorization – Avoid chargebacks by pre-authorizing orders before payment capture.
  • Credits/Refunds – Easily return funds on a previously completed transaction.

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