“ACI has been a tremendous resource to us as we implement additional modules and tweak others. They are very knowledgeable about Sage products and their integration with other compatible products, so they have earned an immense degree of trust with us. They’ve taken the time to truly know how our business operates and are always available to work with us to address issues when needed. That’s why we consider them one of our best service vendors and highly recommend them to anyone in need of quality Sage software support.”

Dwight Strole
Phoenix Motorcars
phoenix motorcars


“ACI Consulting has given us excellent service for many years. They are efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. They know their Sage Products and have exceeded our expectations.”

Vicki Blaser
Director of Accounting and Investor Sales
Orange County Business Council
orange county business counsil


“ACI Consulting has been a part of our Sage 100 team for many years, so much that years back we did a success story together. I would highly recommend the team at ACI for any company looking to switch to Sage 100 or whom is already on Sage 100.”

Frank Rubin
Tampico Spice Company
tampico spice company


“I have been the bookkeeper for 10+ years for California Greenhouses Inc. When a problem has come up in the computer, all I ever had to do is pick up the phone and call ACI Consulting ACI Consulting has always solved the problem in minutes, so for me just having them as the company bookkeeping system has given me a lot of piece of mind over the years.”

California Greenhouses
California Greenhouses


“A year ago, our current computer guys found employment elsewhere and turned us over to ACI. Doug came out and told us about his company and the full services that they offer. ACI has experts in our accounting software which have saved the day on several occasions. Also, they have experts in all hardware products and networks and and work stations and remote access, and everything our company needs in the way of IT. The staff is sooooo friendly and helpful. Their level of customer service is at the highest !! We feel very secure knowing we have these professionals to call on when we need them. Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and extremely willing to be of help. We’re happy.”

Heather Buchanan
Eurton Electronics
Eurton Electric


“Whenever I need help or get stuck, ACI is there for me and my company.”

Jonathan Casteel
Innovative Beverage Concepts, Inc.
innovative beverage concepts


“I just had a great talk with Stephanie, who was extremely helpful and figured out the problem in seconds. I am thankful for your company and EVERYONE I’ve met. I have had the worst time with computer experts and take the time to thank you, because you are extraordinary.”

Stuart D. Jaeger


“ACI has an outstanding team that I enjoy working with. The team is very friendly, knowledgeable and provides great guidance. Anytime we have an issue with our system or process, they are always there to help & support. They are professional and I’m proud to have them as our partner.”

Tony Pham 

Kings Hawaiian 

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“Hello, I have used ACI Consulting for many years helping me with issues I might have with Sage 100. This company is one of the best I ever worked with. ACI is very efficient, knowledgeable, timely and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them any time.”


Axxis Corp



“We switched to ACI after years of disappointment with other IT support teams. ACI was able to fix all of our existing issues and quickly set us on the right track. ACI saved us time and money by creating custom reports and a more streamlined work-flow for our accounting department.”

Karl Metz

DM Color Express, inc.



“ACI Consulting has been providing excellent support to our company for many years. Their quick response, business understanding and support knowledge has helped keep our systems running with minimal downtime, making our employees more productive.”

Robert York

Cinema Secrets 


“I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work that you provided to our company.  I just finished my first financial.  I can make a journal entry and just reprint the financial report. So much easier. Thank you very much”

Jeanette Liberato

Cliffs Club IOA






“I just want to say thank you and commend your team and company on a job well done working with me on this upgrade process. Lisa was awesome to work with and very patient as we worked through the needs of the MTS team and her follow through and knowledge of Sage was fantastic. Cheri was great with scheduling and her communication. We look forward to continuing to work with ACI Consulting as we continue utilize Sage to its fullest and in our next project of integration of Servicemax and Sage 2017.”

Shelly Scantlebury