ACI Consulting is proud to offer FusionPOS for Sage 500.

Fusion Software offers a suite of applications seam lessly integrated with SAGE 500 ERP. These applications simplify and enhance the end user experience and extend the reach of SAGE 500 ERP without affecting the core functionality. fusion point of sale

Fusion Point of Sale (FusionPOS™) is a full feature point of sale solution for retailers wanting to fully leverage SAGE 500 ERP. FusionPOS™ does this without sacrificing any functionality available in standalone retail solutions.

What makes FusionPOS™ different from other point of sale solutions?

Integration eliminates duplicate data entry. 

  • All items, customers and pricing in SAGE 500 ERP are automatically shared with Fusion POS. No manual intervention required.
  • All transactions from Fusion POS are automatically returned to the SAGE 500 ERP for final processing. Users may select the extent of their participation in the final processing as dictated by their internal policies and procedures.

Lower cost. 

  • FusionPOS™ does not consume a SAGE 500 ERP license. Register operations do not require a direct connection to the SAGE 500 ERP i.e. no Citrix or Terminal Services required.

No down time.

  • Retail stores can transact business even when internet connectivity is not available. This creates increased reliability and an enhanced customer experience.

 Multiple CRM levels.

  • FusionPOS™ can maintain individual customer’s transaction history without creating individual customers in SAGE 500 ERP. This allows FusionPOS™ to retain large amounts of customer centric data critical for analysis of buying patterns and focused marketing efforts independent of the constraints of the ERP.

Integrated Commissions.

  • FusionPOS™ integrates with SAGE 500 ERP salespers on management and extends commission calculation capabilities. Phantom Items FusionPOS™ allows phantom items i.e. items which exist in FusionPOS™ but do not exist in the ERP. Phantoms are derivatives of ERP item. Sales and consumption reported and managed at the ERP stocking unit of measure.

User Specific Interface.

  • FusionPOS™ use of skin technology allows client’s to tailor the POS interface to meet their specific requirements.


  • FusionPOS™ can be enhanced by a number of Fusion applications targeting specific markets. These include: Fusion Enhanced Pricing Fusion Enhanced Pricing module provides retail specific, non-standard pricing models beyond the scope of SAGE 50ERPs, including bundling, BOGO, kit or suite pricing, vendor based specials, and more.

Fusion Gift Card.

  • Fusion Gift Card is a prepayment card which can be used at multiple locations or the internet. The balance is maintained in real time, can be incremented from any location, and is available via the web.

Fusion Scheduler.

  • Ideal for salon’s, restaurants, etc., the Fusion Scheduler visually allocates resources and can be converted to a POS transaction with one key stroke.

Web Store Integration.

  • FusionPOS™ has a set or proprietary APIs which allow integration with the shopping cart function of most web sites. These APIs send inventory data to the web and bring web orders into SAGE 500 ERP through FusionPOS™.

Integrated Credit Card.

  • FusionPOS™ is integrated with the PaywarePC gateway

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