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Starfish ETL

Brought to you by ACI Consulting, Starfish ETL is built to move CRM data.

StarfishETL is a migration and integration solution built for businesses of all sizes seeking simple, risk-free ways to keep more of their customer data as they switch CRM systems, or as a way to share customer information across critical business systems.

Why StarfishETL?

Keep What’s Important
We move more than just the easy stuff like accounts, contacts, and addresses. We migrate your custom fields, document attachments, and specialized data too, so moving your ERP, CRM, or legacy data is a snap. See, you can have it all.

Cloud-Ready, On-Premises Friendly Deployment
We’re just so gosh darn flexible! It doesn’t matter if your data is hosted on-premises, in the Cloud, or a hybrid of the two; we can move it.

Pricing Model That Fits You
Our pricing model fits any need. Whether you’re moving a complex enterprise database, or a little bit of CRM data, you’ll find a fair pricing scale to match. Compare our pricing to competitors and we know you’ll agree.

Expert Support Team
We have support networks across the country to serve you in a way that’s most convenient for your business. Our support staff knows the ins- and- outs of data migration first hand, and they’re always ready to help.

Easy-To-Use Interface
Our intuitive platform delivers the ultimate user experience. We built the functionality you need and the user-friendly interface you want. Data migration has never been easier!

Pre-Built Connectors
Our 200+ pre-built connectors and maps connect you to the most popular CRMs, native database drivers, email systems, social media platforms, ERPs, Excel files and more. Don’t see the map you need? Just let us know and we can build one for you.

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