Imagine creating any field that you want, any check box that you want, hiding and disabling any field in your ERP system – and then imaging Custom Office.

With its powerful Customizer technology, Sage 100’s (formerly known as Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) Custom Office module provides the toolset to change almost anything in Sage 100.  it provides the ability to add fields, to add tables, to link tables, to provide validated data against fields, and much, much more.  A great example is when a check box is needed in the Sales Order Entry lines screen, just simply add a new field to the grid.  Or, when field-specific security is needed, such as not allowing a person who has access to customer maintenance to change credit limits, use Custom Office.

This powerful module seamlessly links to the MS Office suite, providing the backdrop to writer powerful, integrated documents and pull data from Sage 100.  For example, every time a new client arrives, a thank you letter can be generated.

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